Charell Berg – Empowerment through movement

Discover a new way to improve how you move and function to enhance your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Elevate your life.

Become empowered through movement

Gain a deeper understanding of how your body should move whilst gaining insights into living to your full potential through movement. Movement is lotion within our bodies, and once we understand that correct movement patterns can restore dysfunction, we can holistically move and feel better.

Accessible to all fitness levels.

Utilizing thera-bands, min-bands, mini-ball, weights, medicine ball and reformer there is something for any fitness level along with guided release techniques to support muscle recovery and joint health.

Restore and recover.

If your sport is quite demanding and you require restorative at home programs ,or you’re simply needing to work on your posture and back care to assist in your daily function, this app will have you covered. From Pilates to Mobility circuit programs there will be something for everyone.

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