Our focus is to approach each client, couple or group with a holistic focus, to improve their health and wellbeing with our uniquely devised tailored programs.

personal training – one on one – couples, groups and children

Whether you are new to fitness, looking to brush up on correct technique, recovering from injury, looking for fast results or needing an ‘edge’, Fit & Trim Personal Training can help you. Our trainers will enable you to achieve dramatic health and fitness improvements, safely and in the shortest time possible, with individual attention. Our goal is “serious results, seriously fast! “. If like many of us, you have or are starting to experience niggling aches and pains or the odd injury, personalised attention will also help to minimise the risk of aggravating any medical conditions or causing further injury. This is simply not possible in large groups. Feel like doing boxing this week and attacking your core next week? Hate crunches? No problem! We can provide alternative exercises to tone and strengthen you. Personal training provides you the utmost flexibility. It’s YOUR workout

civilian & corporate bootcamps

Looking to increase team morale, retention and productivity? Does your company compete in corporate sports events and can do with a ‘secret weapon’? Many successful companies today provide fitness training or bootcamps, as a proven way of increasing fitness and the general health and well-being of their staff. Or are you holding an off-site and seeking an activity that will build teamwork, while having a lot of fun? Whether you are planning regular training or a one-off event, we can help you. We are experts in training small and large groups, both indoors and outdoors. We can come to your premises or train your group in a nearby outdoor location. Contact us with your needs and we will design a package for you. POA Events Training Packages available. Our trainers have many years of experience competing in triathlons, competitive sports and outdoor endurance events. They know what it takes to succeed! Whether you are training for a marathon, a ‘Tough Mudder’ or looking to beat your PB in the ‘City to Surf’, we can help you prepare for your event safely and effectively, maximising your results.

spa & massage packages available

Massage is an essential ingredient to enhancing body function, aiding the healing process and promoting relaxation and well-being. The benefits: • Improving circulation by stimulating blood supply. • Allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed and toning. • Relaxing muscles which improves joint mobility • Removing fascia restrictions, trigger points which cause referred pain and reducing mobility and strength within the muscle. Sports Massage will include swifter strokes with a combination of various modalities to improve function and get you back into your chosen activity with optimal function. Myofascial release – The goal of myofascial release is to release fascia restriction and restore its tissue, improve mobility and reduce injury risk. Trigger Point Therapy is a form in which direct pressure is applied to specified points on tender muscle tissue to bring about reduction in muscle tension and pain relief. Clients receiving regular massage respond with lowered respiratory rate, lowered blood pressure readings, lowered pain, and an increase in range of movement with a marked increase in health and well being.

reformer pilates with charell in our studio

The reformer offers all the famous benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The reformer is large enough to accommodate full-range motion which is wonderful for increasing flexibility while building strength. The instability of a rolling carriage with the springs set at different levels of resistance provides all kinds of stability challenges that develop core strength and promote better balance. For example, having less of the body on the carriage is one of the ways Pilates exercises get harder. It means more body weight has to be supported by the practitioner, and the body and machine have to be controlled even more from the core. Paradoxically, when the springs are on a lighter setting, some exercises are more challenging for the core because it has to work harder to control and stabilize the movement. The stronger core, the better the balance, posture, and overall well-being. Exercising with the reformer is possible for anyone, at any level of fitness. It’s no wonder the full name of the reformer is the Universal Reformer.

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Delicious healthy food and recipes

Healthy and delicious? It can be done. In fact, so much of the food we love is actually good for us. Sweet strawberries, cooling cukes, crunchy lettuce, hearty chickpeas, antioxidant-packed coffee (yes!) – it’s all doing us good. If you’re on a special diet, if you’re eating for two, or if you just want to eat a little better, we’ve got ideas. Lots, actually.

BC60 (BOOTCAMP) SESSION TIMES: We meet in the carpark next to the brand new amenities block at Bressington Park, Homebush (just off Underwood Road - Across from DFO) Three times a week on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 0600hrs & Saturdays at 0700hrs

About us & what we do

From Group Outdoor Personal Training to Remedial Massage
We are here to help you get seriously fit, seriously fast!

Why Fit & Trim PT can help you achieve your health and fitness goals through personal training, Pilates and specialized outdoor training. We have over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry helping clients achieve and exceed their health and fitness goals. Our testimonials show that our client satisfaction rating is second to none. We are so confident you will be satisfied that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We are passionate about helping you become seriously fit, seriously fast, all while having a lot of fun! Our programs are full-body workouts, incorporating cardio, strength, core and functional training. We cater for all fitness levels from the elite athlete, experienced exerciser to the novice exerciser.

  • One on one, Couples, Groups and Children

  • Civillian & Corporate Bootcamp Training

  • One on one for rehabilitation and core strength

  • Spa packages and Gift Certificates available

Your Trainers

with 30+ years of combined experience in the Fitness Industry

Charell Berg

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates & Diploma Remedial Massage Therapist
International Certification in 4 Les Mills programs, Personal Training Certificate 1V, Workplace Assessment Certificate IV, Mat Pilates, Certified Stotts Reformer, Injuries and Special Populations, Advanced Reformer certifications, Massage Therapies Cert IV and Remedial Massage Diploma.

Duane Berg

Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Trainer, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, Children & Group Fitness Instructor
Qualified in 5 internationally-recognised certifications covering indoor cycling, strength training and boxing instruction with a mission to help others safely achieve accelerated results in a fun, team environment.

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