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Charell Berg Empowerment Through Movement App

Discover a new way to improve how you move and function to enhance your overall physical and mental wellbeing

Elevate your life

Become empowered through movement

Accessible to all fitness levels

Restore and recover

Pilates Specialist

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$19p/m USD

Become empowered through movement
Gain a deeper understanding of how your body should move whilst gaining insights into living to your full potential through movement. Movement is lotion within our bodies, and once we understand that correct movement patterns can restore dysfunction, we can holistically move and feel better.
Accessible to all fitness levels.
Utilizing thera-bands, min-bands, mini-ball, weights, medicine ball and reformer there is something for any fitness level along with guided release techniques to support muscle recovery and joint health.
Restore and recover
If your sport is quite demanding and you require restorative at home programs ,or you’re simply needing to work on your posture and back care to assist in your daily function, this app will have you covered. From Pilates to Mobility circuit programs there will be something for everyone.

About Us:


Has over 26 years experience in the Wellness Industry and has defied the specialists post two spine surgeries to be now living pain free and working full time as a functional movement and Pilates specialist coach. She is lead to foster resilience of both the mind and body in each of her clients and members that she coaches.
Charell is a Certified Personal Trainer and holds numerous International Certifications for Group Fitness programmes as well as a Diploma in Remedial Massage. She runs her own Pilates Studio alongside a Clinic whereby she treats holistically in the modality of Remedial Massage. Her extensive fascia and anatomy training has developed a deeper understanding of the bodies intricate workings which enables her to diagnose any pain and discomfort that her clients may be experiencing and in turn implement a plan to ease the discomfort.
Charell overcame the early obstacles in her career which has only deepened her passion for wellness in everyone that crosses her path. She was honoured and awarded with ‘Group Exercise Leader’ for the State of NSW in 2022 and again for 2023. This prestigious award was presented by Australia’s governing body for Fitness in Australia.

Duane Berg Functional Trainer

My passion for Fitness started many years ago as a teenager competing in short course Triathlons and racing Sailboards in Taupo, New Zealand. Winding the clock forward a few more years and that passion for Fitness moved me to helping people with their own fitness journeys. Charell (my wife) was my biggest inspiration for motivating me to get started as a Group Fitness Instructor back in 2006, until this time I had been running my own business and could see just how much satisfaction Charell got from teaching classes and Personal Training her clients.
I started teaching and attained International Certifications in the programs that I had loved to participate in previously. In 2008 I was offered a position with a leading Fitness franchise in Sydney Australia, this was a turning point for me as I was now able to have an impact, not only on the lives of the people that attended my classes, but the Instructors that taught to many more people as well. I achieved many awards in my role as a Group Fitness Manager and this led me to use that position to organize and participate in many group fitness events like Indoor Cycling & Group Fitness Marathons raising money for Charities and great local causes. I also completed in two 100klm trail walks in 2009 and 2011 raising over $10,000 for Oxfam.
I attained certification in Personal Training & Advanced Outdoor Group Training in 2013 and started teaching my own groups outdoors as well. My main business is all about building confidence, empowerment, strength, comradery and being more functional. I love running my outdoor corporate & civilian Bootcamps, Personal Training and group fitness classes as well. I like to use more compound type exercises (more muscle recruitment) plus a variety of exercise equipment in my training. Don’t get me wrong, we use a variety of equipment including truck tires, kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes, TRX suspension equipment and boxing in our sessions too. My PT clients are successful business professionals who I train in their own homes’ gym facilities.
Over the last few years my focus has been on reducing the reliance on fixed equipment and heavy weights to more functional & correctional bodyweight exercises aiding in not only more range of movement but reducing the chance of sport related injuries. My aim is to train people to know that they can still achieve their health and fitness goals with little to no equipment and that they can train anywhere!

BC60 Bootcamp


We recognize that everyone is different! We provide the utmost flexibility to suit your lifestyle and fitness objectives, while also offering terrific value packages. No contracts!
Booking information:
Bookings are essential so please contact Duane at to reserve your session.

Casual 1 Session Pass:
Not sure if our Online Bootcamp is for you, new to exercising or an infrequent exerciser?


10 Session Pass +1 Free:
Great value – buy 10, get one free! (Save $15AUD) Our most popular pass entitles you to 11 Online Bootcamps at any session of your choosing. Valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Ideal if you are looking to incorporate Bootcamp into your regular fitness routine, while maintaining utmost flexibility.

20 Session Pass +2 Free:
Buy 20, get 2 free Sessions (Save $30AUD) – If you are training for an event or preparing for a special occasion, this pass is perfect for you. Entitles you to 22 Bootcamp sessions at a significantly discounted rate .


30 Session Pass +3 Free:
Buy 30, get 3 free sessions (Saving $45AUD) – Try this as it entitles you to 33 Bootcamp sessions also at a greatly discounted rate.


We can come to your premises or train your group in a nearby outdoor location. Contact us with your needs and we will design a package for you – POA
Events Training Packages available
Our trainers have many years of experience competing in triathlons, competitive sports and outdoor endurance events. They know what it takes to succeed! Whether you are training for a marathon, a ‘Tough Mudder’ or looking to beat your PB in the ‘City to Surf’, we can help you prepare for your event safely and effectively, maximizing your results.

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Personal Training

PERSONAL TRAINING: We offer 1 hour Online PT as well as One on One (in person) Sessions at the available prices below.

Individuals – Couples – Children

Charell $140 – 1 Hour Session – Fully Qualified – Insured – Cert IV, Pre & Post Pregnancy, Diploma Remedial Massage, STOTTS Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates & Group Fitness Instructor

Duane $140 – 1 Hour Session – Fully Qualified – Insured – Cert IV, Advanced Boot Camp & Outdoor Group Trainer, Boxing, Children & Group Fitness Instructor

Feel like doing boxing this week and attacking your core next week? Hate crunches? No problem! We can provide alternative exercises to tone and strengthen you. Personal training provides you the utmost flexibility. It’s YOUR workout. We can come to you with our equipment (and or yours), utilize your home gym or facilities or outside in a nearby Park or recreational area (subject to council permissions & fees).


 These sessions include the Reformer, Stability Chair, Fuse Ladder and various functional movement props. These sessions are conducted in a clean and safe environment.

Sessions conducted in our Home Studio with Charell

1 Hour Session $120

The reformer offers all the famous benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These things, in turn, lead to daily life improvements like better posture, graceful, efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain. The Pilates powerhouse muscles, the muscles of the core, are paramount for building strength. Flat abs, strong backs, toned buttocks and thighs are all results of this emphasis. Other equipment and Pilates mat exercises do that too, but the reformer creates a unique and varied exercise environment. The reformer is large enough to accommodate full-range motion which is wonderful for increasing flexibility while building strength.

Contact Charell on 0411 383 545 for Reservations and Appointments



Remedial – Sports – Myofascial Release – Trigger Point – Relaxation

60 Minute Pamper $120* – 90 Minute Indulgence $160*

Add a 30 Minute Spa to your Massage for $30

Mobile Massage service available from $140 (60 Minutes) or $170 (90 Minutes)

Massage helps us take time out for ourselves – to connect in to our bodies and have some time out from our busy minds. In today’s busy world we are constantly bombarded by stimulus, which overloads the nervous system. Smart phones have led to us being constantly in contact with work and friends and contributed in some ways to greater community and in others, made us busy and stressed! Clients receiving regular massage respond with lowered respiratory rate, lowered blood pressure readings, lowered pain, and an increase in range of movement with a marked increase in health and well being.

Contact Charell on 0411 383 545 for Reservations and Appointments

*Health Care rebates available with most Healthcare Funds


“I would highly recommend Charell for you if you’re needing a remedial massage.  I have been having regular therapy with her for the last 8 years now, following my lower lumbar spinal fusion surgery.  Every time I have a massage session, I come away feeling a release from the muscle stress I feel daily in my lower back and completely relaxed all over”

Lynne - Remedial Massage Client

“I consider Charell Berg,a highly skilled professional, with a sound knowledge of a variety of exercise forms.

As a senior lady, my sessions with Charell  have demonstrated her adaptability,  flexibility and understanding of physiology. Such qualities enable her to plan and provide excellent programs to suit the individual needs and learning styles of her clients (including rehabilitation, if necessary).

Charell’s care for the WHOLE PERSON, ensures that her sessions are positive and stress free.”

Mary - Personal Training Client


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